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Request for Legal Assistance — Economic Justice

Please read about the types of cases that 国产人兽 handles before filling out the form below.

国产人兽?does not handle?matters regarding the following:

  • Criminal cases
  • Complaints about a person's attorney
  • Criminal sentencing or post-conviction appeals
  • Domestic matters (domestic violence, divorce, child custody, visitation, wills, family law cases)
  • Denial of benefits, such as workers' compensation, unemployment or social security benefits
  • Landlord/tenant or housing disputes (except if LGBT discrimination is involved)
  • Heirs property, inheritance, or tax matters
  • Medical malpractice, elder abuse
  • Employment disputes and wrongful termination matters (except if LGBT discrimination is involved)

Because 国产人兽 is not a general legal services or legal aid organization,?we generally do not accept individual legal cases.?We do not have the legal staff?to investigate, handle legal research, or provide advice or representation?regarding individual legal cases.

Contacting the 国产人兽 to describe your problem does not mean that 国产人兽 attorneys can, will, or do represent you, and contacting the 国产人兽 does not stop time deadlines from running. The 国产人兽 cannot provide you with advice about which time deadlines might apply to your particular situation.?

To ensure that your rights are protected, you may need to consult an attorney promptly to find out what time deadlines may apply in your case. Again, please see the list of potential resources.

We will review your request for assistance but, due to the large volume of requests we receive, the legal staff?will NOT be able to respond personally to every request received.

We will contact you with specific questions if we need additional information or are able to assist you; otherwise, please assume that, unfortunately, we will not be able to provide you with assistance

If you believe that your legal problem falls within the work of one of our practice areas, please fill out the form below.