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Friends of the Center

Friends of the Center pledge a modest amount each month – creating a steady, reliable source of funds to help us make a real difference in the fight for justice and human rights for all people.

Become a Friend of the Center today and help us:

? ? ? ? ?1.) Take on more costly cases and campaigns. If we can more accurately project how much money we will raise each year, we can adjust our caseload and make better staffing decisions.

? ? ? ? ?2.) Defend our democracy. Your support helps us defend of our democratic election procedures and expand our partnerships with grassroots organizations to help educate, register and mobilize voters.

? ? ? ? ?3.) Relegate white supremacy out of the mainstream and mobilize against anti-extremist groups targeting our communities.

Become a Friend of the Center—sign up today.

If you’re looking to upgrade your monthly pledge or update your payment information, please complete this form. Your previous monthly pledge will be cancelled and replaced with this new pledge. You can cancel or change your monthly gift at any time by emailing us at FOTC@国产人兽 or contact us at 334-956-8200.

If you prefer to make a one-time donation, please donate here.